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Tuesday 23rd April  2024, 11:00 am (UK Time)

ACCA says businesses are at risk from gender inequality

ACCA says businesses are at risk from gender inequality

When it comes to the workplace, the battle of the sexes could have serious implications for businesses across the world according to the CEO of ACCA.

Helen Brand, OBE, the Chief Executive of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, raised the issue in her keynote speech opening the Women in Finance breakfast hosted in Kampala.


The recent report by ACCA, 'Increasing gender diversity to boost performance', is aimed at helping senior finance professionals and CFOs to place a greater value on the benefits of gender diversity.

In her speech, Brand said: 'By tapping into the widest talent pool, employers can encourage innovative thinking, build relationships with a wider range of customers, and develop more resilient global value chains."

Perfectly placed

ACCA’s ratio of 53% of students and 46% of members being female makes it the world’s most diverse professional accountancy body, and thus perfectly placed to raise the issue.

ACCA supports greater diversity in the way that company boards are made up, as evidence suggests the presence of women helps promote good governance, which can have positive effects on the overall performance of a business

"Enabling more diversity within the workforce and managing that diversity effectively is one way of maximising value from human capital. A global commitment to change, with a clear timeline, would give all those fighting for equality the confidence that it will be achieved. Many of the conclusions drawn in ACCA’s paper suggest actions are applicable to all forms of diversity initiatives, not just those aiming to increase the representation of women," Brand explained.

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