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Finance leaders are feeling positive about automation, research shows

Finance leaders are feeling positive about automation

Research from finance and accounting recruitment firm Robert Half UK has shown that finance leaders are feeling positive about automation and digitalisation, with more than 65% believing that it has led to improved collaboration.

The study also found that 63% of chief financial officers believe that digitalisation and automation are helping to improve innovation among their teams, while better communication and team spirit were also cited as benefits by 57% and 45% respectively.


As automation and digitalisation become more popular, the types of characteristics that CFOs look for in new employees are changing, with the report revealing what respondents now look for the most when it comes to building a successful team.

More than 45% of the respondents now value openness to change, while 42% of CFOs cited adaptability as the characteristic that they believe is the most critical for a successful team.

Good communication skills and an openness to new ideas were also found to be among the characteristics that are most valued by finance leaders, with these factors cited by 40% and 39% respectively.


Commenting on how finance leaders should tackle the rise in automation and digitisation, Matt Weston, UK Managing Director at Robert Half, said: “Those who can adapt to embrace technology are at a competitive advantage as they become more productive, innovative and motivated. But finance leaders must also be able to train their staff to take advantage of the new digital world – not just to boost their technical expertise, but also those increasingly important soft skills.”

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