ACCA Study Manuals
ACCA Study Manuals

About Study Manuals

For each ACCA examination paper, you can purchase an LSBF study manual. Every manual provides you with the information you need to pass the specific paper covered. The manuals combine input from award-winning tutors with FREE online extras, allowing you to better utilise your personal study time, benefiting from a more effective study process.
Information is presented clearly and concisely. As the content was written by ACCA tutors, your learning process will be guided by those who regularly produce targeted material for the ACCA examinations.
The LSBF study manuals are the perfect size for carrying around with you. At home, on the tube, in the park, you can now revise ACCA anywhere you like! Wherever you choose to study, the LSBF ACCA Study Manuals are essential for those looking to reach their full academic potential.

How they work

Each LSBF Study Manual gives you an overview of your ACCA paper, going on to break down each section.
You will be provided with the context and key points of the paper, along with illustrated examples. Our manuals help you to become more engaged with the material within the chapter.
As you progress through the chapters, our ACCA tutors guide your visualisation and memory retention, improving your ability to recall key information when sitting the ACCA papers.

Why LSBF's ACCA Study Manuals?

  • Available for all ACCA papers
  • Reviewed by LSBF award-winning tutors, allowing you to study using their vast experience
  • You will get a free Live Online session on a topic of your choice and free access to a video introduction to each ACCA paper

Students who book ACCA tuition with us, will get the ACCA Study Manuals for the booked papers absolutely for free. For students studying elsewhere, LSBF Study Manuals are available to purchase online on the LSBF Part-time Shop from only £25.


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