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Why study AAT accounting?

The Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT) is a professional body for accountants that offers a well sought-after qualification. Students are able to gain practical skills and real world accounting knowledge.

The AAT qualification includes accounting courses that can teach individuals to manage financial accounts, a skill which is beneficial for any business. Read this article to find out how you can improve your accountancy skills by opting to study AAT courses online.

What is an AAT course?

AAT is an introductory qualification undertaken by those wanting to begin a career in accountancy. It is a comprehensive course that is internationally recognised by employers across the globe. An AAT qualification consists of four main components:

AAT Level 1 - This level consists of modules that provide you with an introduction to accounting and finance skills. The course will start to equip you with the skills required to become a member of the AAT. Also referred to as the AAT Access qualification, candidates (aged 16 years and over) can apply to a variety of accounting jobs after completing this level.  

AAT Level 2 - This level is known as the AAT Foundation Certificate qualification. This course focuses on essential accounting skills and principles such as the double-entry system, trial balances and credit control. It should be noted that completion of AAT Level 1 is not a prerequisite for undertaking this course.

AAT Level 3 - This is an intermediate stage of the AAT qualification. Upon completion, the student will achieve the AAT Diploma in Accounting certification. This level focuses on the preparation of formal accounts and specific accounting tasks.

AAT Level 4 - The final stage of AAT includes teaching students key accounting skills such as budget preparation, financial performance monitoring and drafting financial statement. Completing this level can help you demonstrate advanced skills in accountancy and gain AAT membership.

Why choose AAT accounting?

Online tuition videos in HD quality;

A computer-based model of task assessments;

Comprehensive study materials available for download on PC, tablets and smartphones;

Q&A sessions (online) to assist with your studies;

Opportunity to interact with an online community of students and mentors;

Dedicated and personalised support provided by course tutors via email or telephone;

A comprehensive study plan including access to the course library and related articles.

Reasons to study AAT accounting

Recognition - Students who have achieved all four levels of AAT are considered to have qualified from the programme. It not only helps them to gain relevant job roles in the field of accountancy but also gives them the opportunity to choose from a range of job positions. Students who are successfully AAT qualified have the ability to employ key business skills and contribute to the success of a company.

Flexibility - Online courses in AAT allow students to manage their period of study while working full-time. It gives students the chance to become qualified even if they are unable to study full-time due to work or other commitments. Online learning options are often chosen by students who need to fit their study schedule around other activities. Methods of learning include viewing online modules as well as using hard copy study materials. This means learning can be done at anytime and anywhere.

Learning support - This programme is presented in a clear, understandable and concise manner. The computer-based modules can be paused and replayed to ensure you understand the content before you move on to a different section.

No prior qualifications required - Although AAT does not require students to hold any previous qualifications, candidates are expected to possess basic numerical abilities. This course is structured for entry-level accountants who have a passion for the subject and the ability to work their way to a higher professional level.   

Obtaining a higher qualification - With an AAT qualification, students can not only land rewarding careers but use this as the basis for making their way onto further qualifications. Students can go on to study chartered accountancy after acquiring a certification in AAT Advanced Diploma in Accounting. The AAT accounting qualification can help students to gain exemptions when applying to any UK chartered or certified accounting body. 

If you want to qualify as a professional accountant and embark on a rewarding career, pursuing an AAT qualification is a good idea. AAT online courses offered by London School of Business and Finance (LSBF) provides students a wide range of study options. Enrol yourself on one of our courses to gain the expertise and confidence needed to succeed in the field of accountancy.

This article was written by Deblina Dam and edited by Emma Chadwick.

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