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The Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT) is the UK’s leading professional body for entry-level accountants. If you want to develop real-life skills that will help you build a career in accounting or finance, studying for your AAT qualification online will help you reach your future goals.

AAT is preferred by 50% of entry-level accountancy recruiters.* In fact, the AAT accounts for around 90% of all vocational accountancy qualifications, with organisations like Sainsbury’s, P&G, Morgan Stanley, the Ministry of Defence and many more continuing to hire AAT qualified members. And, with international recognition, and recognition from sponsoring bodies such as CIPFA, ICAEW and ICAS, it is widely acknowledged as the established industry standard for technical accounting ability.

Our online AAT study packages provide everything you need: a suite of rich multimedia course materials, expert tutor support, comprehensive revision kits, exam-booking service, detailed mock assessments, and exceptional technical support. And, with our studio-produced HD video lectures streamed to any device of yours, anywhere, anytime, flexible and convenient study is only ever a click, or a swipe, away.

Work your way up from entry-level accounting to a senior-level position by advancing through each certification level at your own pace. Gain on-the-job experience as you progress through your learning, and fast-track your way to becoming a chartered accountant. A distance learning AAT qualification with LSBF is the professional route to a career in accountancy that you can be proud of.

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There are three levels, each comprising of units which need to be passed in order to obtain your award.

Most students will start at Level 2, however, if you have relevant academic or work experience, you could be eligible to start at Level 3.

Level 2 Certificate in Accounting

This qualification will prepare you for any junior accounting roles. It is a great entry-level course for a career in the finance industry. It provides a solid foundation for all students as it covers such areas as, double entry bookkeeping, costing principles and using accounting software. Additionally, students also learn business and communication skills.

Level 3 Diploma in Accounting

In this qualification, you will master more complex accounting disciplines including financial processes, advanced bookkeeping, final accounts and ethical practices for accountants.

Level 4 Diploma in Accounting

This qualification will cover higher accounting tasks including drafting financial statements, managing budgets and evaluating financial performance, as well as optional specialist units including business tax, personal tax, external auditing and credit management and cash and treasury management.

Exams can be taken at any time of year. Students will complete an AAT practice assessment prior to taking any exam. Once AAT practice assessments are completed, students have one month in which to complete the official assessment for that level.


There are no entry requirements to begin studying AAT courses online. AAT is an ideal choice for current students, recent graduates, or career changers with no relevant work experience.

If you like working with numbers and are able to analyse data, AAT is a great way to develop your skills and pave your way to a successful career in accountancy.

Once you’ve finished one course you can move onto the next level. If you have previous work experience or existing qualifications, you may be eligible to start at Level 3 or Level 4. Use AAT SkillCheck to find out which level is right for you.

For international students considering a distance learning AAT qualification with LSBF, it should be noted that the courses are conducted entirely in English, so an appropriate intermediate language level is preferable.

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Level 2


AAT Online Tuition
From £175 per unit or buy the full course for £750


£300 deposit payment and then four monthly instalments of £125. The first instalment is due 30 days after the course commencement date.

Level 3


AAT Online Tuition
From £200 per unit or buy the full course for £850

£300 deposit payment and then five monthly instalments of £150. The first instalment is due 30 days after the course commencement date.

Level 4


AAT Online Tuition
From £225 or buy the whole level upfront for £950

£300 deposit payment and then six monthly instalments of £150. The first instalment is due 30 days after the course commencement date.


Level 2 £300 deposit then 4 payments is £125 so the cost under this option is £800. Paying the lot upfront is £750, buying individually is £875

Level 3 £300 deposit then 5 payments of £150 so the cost is £1050. Upfront its £850 and individually is £1200

Level 4 £300 deposit then 6 payments of £150 so the cost is £1200. Upfront is £950 and individually is £1350.

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Important Information, Terms & Conditions

*Buy three ACCA papers and only pay for two (the Offer) or alternatively, if you purchase more than three you may be eligible to receive one free for every three purchased. In the event that more than one package is purchased, the online paper with the lowest value will be free. You must purchase a minimum of 3 ACCA online papers from any of the following ACCA online packages: ACCA Live Tuition + Live Revision, ACCA Live Tuition, ACCA Recorded Revision
ACCA Live Tuition + Recorded Revision, ACCA Tuition, ACCA LIve Revision and/or ACCA Start.Click here for full terms and conditions.

^To complete the MBA/MA course students must pass 14 ACCA papers (i.e.: F1–P5). Students may be admitted onto the MBA/MA course prior to passing their final three ACCA Papers. SUBSEQUENT TO COMMENCING THE MBA/MA COURSE, SHOULD A STUDENT DISCOVER THAT SHE HAS FAILED ANY ACCA PAPERS, SHE WILL NOT BE ENTITLED TO A REFUND OF ANY AMOUNT PAID. FOR THE AVOIDANCE OF DOUBT, FAILURE OF ANY ACCA PAPERS WILL NOT ENTITLE THE STUDENT TO A REFUND OF ANY AMOUNT. The awarding body for the MBA/MA course will be one of LSBF's partner universities (subject to validation); however, awarding bodies are subject to change from time to time. The School's obligations shall be discharged by providing tuition leading to a recognised MBA/MA award by a recognised awarding body. The School reserves the right to change the awarding body, and will notify the student as soon as reasonably practicable. In light of this, the student agrees that they shall have no claim based on changes to the awarding bodies. The MBA/MA is subject to validation and meeting academic criteria to be undertaken online only. International students cannot study while in the UK. The Oracle Capital Group sponsorship programme for the masters' course fees covers the tuition fees only and does not include incidentals such as textbooks and exam entry/assessment fees (£158 per module), dissertation mentoring fees (£250), dissertation submission fees (£250) and final academic board presentation fees (£150), and fees for exemptions and deferrals. Students are responsible for payment of such fees which are mandatory for enrolment and progression on the masters' course.

†† LSBF Pass 1st Time Guarantee ensures that if you do not successfully pass your paper on the first sitting, you will be able to attend a free re-sit course (full-time students), or free revision class (part-time students) at the next available sitting at no extra cost. The revision paper will cover the failed paper only.Click here for full terms and conditions.

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« Working long hours, the flexibility of the study plan suited my schedule perfectly. I could view the video tutorials as much and whenever I wanted. In addition to this, the notes were very concise. The tutor explained the answers to the assignments really well and her encouragement and support is what helped me pass the exam with flying colours. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is having second thoughts. »

Ajreen Husain,
AAT Student