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InterActive Pro

InterActive Pro is an award-winning provider of education technology services. Since 2008, the organisation has been dedicated to developing the highest quality online learning resources, and continues to explore and innovate the possibilities of e-learning.

In partnership with InterActive Pro, LSBF has been able to provide a range of world-class online educational courses, giving students around the world the chance to earn recognised higher education qualifications.

Award-winning resources

InterActive Pro has been recognised for its innovative, accessible, and effective delivery of online degrees, professional qualifications, and executive education courses. Just some of the distance learning resources available to help students on their learning journey include: 

  • HD lecture recordings – access the entire syllabus for your papers as HD recorded videos featuring experienced LSBF lecturers. These are always available online so you can watch them whenever you want.
  • Discussion forums – InterActive Pro connects you with a vast network of fellow students from all over the world through online discussion forums. You can support each other by sharing study and revision tips, and creating future career links.
  • Comprehensive study materials – there are several digital and hard copy study texts available to complement your video lectures. You can also boost your preparation closer to the exams with revision kits and cards.
  • Global Live Online Tuition – get all the benefits of being in a classroom with your tutors and classmates from the comfort of your home. This feature lets you stream live video of a lecture on your computer, and interact with tutors and students in real time. 

LSBF offers the following courses in partnership with InterActive Pro:

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