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Strategic Business Leader (ACCA SBL)

Formerly known as P1 & P3

The aim of this exam is to look at areas that the Board of Directors of an organisation need to consider. 

This ranges from looking at big picture areas such as strategy and corporate governance to detailed areas such as developing policies on internal controls, audit and approaches to managing projects.

As well as studying the technical areas above, 20% of the exam marks are awarded for being able to communicate on these areas.  For example, the exam might require you to draft a letter to a newspaper or prepare a presentation to a group of investors rather than just writing an essay.

So that you can improve these skills, much of the course will be practical.  You will be asked to prepare answers both in and outside class to be marked by your tutor.

The four-hour exam will be based on one organisation, so it will be necessary to think holistically. Because of this, you may find that information you are given for Question 1 has an impact on your answer to Question 3. One of the core skills your tutor will help you to develop is being able to view how all the material links together rather than being lots of individual topics.

It won’t only be the technical quality of your answer that matters, but how professional your response is. 

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Topics include:

  • Define governance and explain its function in the management and control of organisations
  • Evaluate the role of the accountant
  • Explain the role of the accountant in identifying and assessing risk
  • Explain and evaluate the role of the accountant in relation to risk management
  • Demonstrate the application of professional values and judgement through an ethical framework

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