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LSBF 360° Programmes: a comprehensive approach to career development

Aiming to provide a global and stronger development to the future’s business leaders, London School of Business and Finance (LSBF) has reformulated its comprehensive programme and renamed it as LSBF 360° Programmes, a range of Undergraduate and Postgraduate courses with a career-focused and exclusive approach that provides a job offer guarantee* following graduation. The programmes consist of three parts including a degree, a professional qualification and the exclusive LSBF Career Development Programme, which provides students with skills to fully prepare them for the job market.

LSBF 360° Programmes

Over the duration of the programme, students undergo more training and practical modules than in traditional degrees.

With a new designation to reflect the holistic approach, the LSBF 360° Programmes go beyond traditional degrees and qualifications and offer a full package that will help to shape smarter careers. Over the duration of the courses, students undergo more training and practical modules than in traditional degrees.

The programme also includes courses that help develop soft skills, careers workshops as well as a certified professional qualification awarded by globally recognised bodies such as ACCA, CIMA and CIM in areas including marketing and accounting.

LSBF Vice-Rector James Kirkbride says: “Our comprehensive programme has been reformulated and the name LSBF 360° Programmes reflects its global and broad approach. In all our programmes, we aim to provide students with the best academic education as well as the support from our first-class Careers Services. We also always encourage our students to take relevant professional qualifications that allow them to receive a deeper knowledge of their chosen field. "The LSBF 360° Programmes represent the essence of LSBF’s ethos of providing full career development."

“As one of the essential parts of the LSBF 360° Programmes, our Career Development Programme is designed to polish the students’ existing skills and enhance their soft skills, leaving them fully prepared for career success. Students also benefit from the guidance of a dedicated and experienced LSBF recruitment consultant from day one, who will help them acquire skills that reflect the requirements of their industry”, completed Mr Kirkbride.


Students joining the LSBF 360° Programmes can choose from a range of four pathways covering industries including International Business, Financial Services, Accounting and Marketing. Based on their interests and on their knowledge, LSBF helps students to choose the right combination of degree and professional qualification, which will give them practical and technical skills and the chance to progress in the industry they aspire to work in.

A comprehensive approach to career development

LSBF Career Development Programme is designed to leave students fully prepared for career success.

LSBF Job Offer Guarantee

Based on the quality of the academic preparation and the support given to students, as part of this comprehensive programme, LSBF provides a job offer guarantee*, valid for six months after the graduation.

At the end of the programme, students will possess a unique blend of qualifications and practical skills that will place them in advantage during the job search. In the unlikely event of not securing employment in the six months following their graduation, students are eligible for a £2,500 guarantee payment*.

“At LSBF we aim to maximise the career potential of our students. The programme takes in a comprehensive curriculum that combines the soft and hard skills necessary to begin an exciting journey to the top. During the whole course, students go through a very strong and intensive development programme which gives us the confidence to provide a Job Offer Guarantee*”, concluded Mr Kirkbride.

To learn more about the LSBF 360° Programmes, visit the pages to the undergraduate and postgraduate programmes and to the Terms and Conditions.

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