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2012 will be a year of opportunities, says LSBF Careers team

2012 will be a year of opportunities, says LSBF Careers team

With the job market becoming increasingly competitive, and globalised, LSBF works hard to give all its students the edge by putting international professional development and career support at the heart of all its programmes.

LSBF’s Career and Corporate Division plays an important role supporting and empowering students in their development as they make career decisions, develop job search strategies and pursue employment opportunities. The team believes that despite the increasingly competitive nature of the job market, 2012 will be a year that will bring many opportunities for LSBF students and graduates.

Nadim Choudhury, Head of Careers Services & Employability at LSBF, says: “My advice for 2012 is simple – do as much preparation as possible. To succeed in the marketplace, you must become a knowledge expert in your field, which requires you to have a thorough understanding of the commercial environment that you wish to enter. We advise students to not just research a particular company but also read the trade publications such as the Financial Times, Marketing Week, etc.”, said Mr Choudhury.

Since the start of 2011 LSBF Careers and Corporate Division has secured and advertised more than 1,000 work opportunities across 400 businesses for its students. Now, in 2012, the team will be engaged in offering more career workshops and in providing students with even more opportunities to connect with relevant internships and full time job opportunities.

“Make use of the careers workshops that are on offer. The Careers Team is here to help you succeed, so make the most of us, and start early”, comments Mr Choudhury.

Persistence beats resistance

According to the team, due to the competitive market, 2012 will bring many challenges for students and graduates, but they remind that, with challenges also come opportunities.

LSBF’s Corporate Business Development Manager Daniel Celino says: “Persistence beats resistance - especially in the current environment, when the market is so competitive. At any time there are always obstacles to overcome, but what students should always remember is that those who are well prepared and aware of the current market trends are the ones that will achieve their professional goals”.

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