LSBF Faculty to speak at the Financial Forecasting & Planning Innovation Summit 2012

Responsible for creating and maintaining the LSBF’s ethos of success and excellence, LSBF Faculty has been invited to speak at the international Financial Forecasting & Planning Innovation Summit in London later this month.

The international event, which brings together leaders in financial planning and analysis, will feature over 35 keynote presentations from industry experts, alongside interactive workshops as well as over 20 case studies from Fortune 500 companies. More than 150 professionals from the Financial Planning sector are expected to attend the summit. In this acclaimed forum, LSBF Faculty will be represented by Head of Research, Dr Steve Priddy and Head of Academic Planning and Resource Augustin Entonu, who will cover topics such as cash sitting on balance sheets and investment constraints, intellectual and human capital and monetising of carbon reduction.

With nearly 30 years of top level experience in the financial industry, Dr Priddy said: “Our session at the Financial Forecasting & Planning Innovation Summit will open up a discussion around one aspect of intangibility — the role of assets, including human capability — to sequester and monetise carbon reduction, particularly in the light of emission rights auctioning set for implementation across the EU in 2013. We are very much looking forward to the event.”

The event will be held on the 26th and 27th April in central London and is currently open for registration. To find out more visit the summit’s official page.

To learn more about LSBF’s academic teams, visit our Faculty Page

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