Why ACCA has a remarkable number of female students

Why ACCA has a remarkable number of female students

The professional world is always considered a man’s playfield but going by statistics, that ratio is fast changing. Accountancy is one such sector which is becoming increasingly female-dominated, with ACCA now having 40% females which comprise half of the total group. 

The developing world is ushering in a new era where most entrants into accountancy are now women. Singapore is a prime example of this change where 75% of students are females. Women accountants are growing in numbers all over the world. Philippines, U.K and Canada are countries where this transformation is evident. 

All this proves that times are changing, and this domain is no longer strictly limited to males. This blog looks into this changing trend and its causation. 

The myth of the glass ceiling 

 There is a widespread notion that women are less eager than men to study maths, yet, the stats women in accountancy would suggest otherwise. Just like many other fields, this one functions on equilibrium and this development is not new; it has been taking shape for years. From 1983 to 2012, female accountants have risen from 39% to 60%. In 2017, the overall percentage was 49%. 

 Simply looking at these numbers, the glass ceiling seems like a concocted tale. The main reason why accounting trends has increased is due to the work-life balance it offers. Technology has brought a shift in this sector providing more flexible options for females. The use of mobile to carry out accountancy tasks has enabled people to work on the go. It removes limitations and creates greater avenues for people to manage work and personal life with ease. 

Making the workplace more flexible has certainly helped both genders. It is a strong step towards creating a productive work while assuring employees are not over-burdened. The inception of this idea occurred in the 1990s when there was as a huge demand for accountants. This meant firms had to take necessary steps to keep their diligent hard-working homemakers and mothers which resulted in flexible schedules that were beneficial to both the company and employees. 

Women in ACCA

Many of the ACCA student body today are women. If you take a glance at the rich history of this institute then the current figures would make sense. A pioneering force in shaping ACCA and taking it to this height has been its women members. The men, including former ACCA president Leo Lee, has graciously acknowledged their contribution. 

 The ACCA qualification is academically renowned all over the world. In addition to this, the body is also famous for its stance on gender equality and women empowerment. Its first female member, Ethel Ayres Purdie was inducted in 1909 and was a revolutionary for working women. Not only did she open pathways in this profession but also was the voice for fairer taxation and treatment of women.

Present trailblazers that define ACCA

The ACCA body is extremely diverse as the institute is currently present in 180 countries. Currently, 46% of their official members are females. This includes Vera di Palma, the first women president of ACCA and Helen Brand, the chief executive who has done significantly worthwhile work. 

An enormous amount of effort goes into creating the different elements of this qualification, from top-notch ACCA modules to refreshing accounting trends. They have transformed traditional systems and helped females all over the world find a niche. 

Women in accounting are currently business leaders that are shaping the entire industry. Just like their past counterparts, they are addressing relevant issues and putting their energies into constructive work. There is certainly a wider scope for females in accounting and other professions, with industry changes such as flexible schedules having significantly contributed to this cause.

Female ACCA students and members are not only reshaping this profession but also other sectors around the world; they are trailblazers for the next generation who can benefit from numerous opportunities.  

Expectations that take centre-stage for females 

Women are hardworking and sincere professionals who are increasingly considered for leadership roles. Their sensitivity is an added asset that helps them bring merit to their work.

While driven and ambitious, women tend to look at every opportunity in a wholesome way. This means money alone does not lure them, they consider other aspects as well and enjoy being valued. It’s this quality that also can aid women’s decision making.

They, like men, are not hesitant to work abroad and look for growth prospects when changing jobs and the majority of women choose to study ACCA because it is a complete package that offers many rewards.  

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This article was written by Nandita Kaushal and edited by Amelia Hayward-Cole


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