The top four super powers of accountants

The top four super powers of accountants

Accountants must possess some pretty impressive skills in order to get the job done. An accomplished accountant will spot things you fail to notice and help you prepare for tax time, auditors or potential investigations.

Here, we count down the top four super powers all accountants must have in order to be successful...


4. The power to predict the future

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A quick scan of your accounts is all they need to warn you of impending disasters to your business. Many small businesses fail to plan for tax payments, business slumps or future expenses. Even the most inexperienced accountant can see these potential pitfalls coming and help you plan accordingly.


3. The power to banish the auditor

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Many firms fall foul of auditors as they lack the power to foresee potential red flags that an auditor would pounce upon. A good accountant can use their powers to prepare you for potential investigations, avoiding tax disasters and gathering the necessary documents required to send the auditor back where they came from.


2. The power to catch out thieves

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Accountants can often see the little things that we miss, like a slow bleed of numbers slipping out the back door and into the pocket of a thief. An accountant has the power to focus on this criminal act and seek out the culprit, bringing them to justice and your business back to full health.


1. The power to materialise funding

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It’s a testament to an accountant’s power that they can get your facts and figures right and source the correct paperwork to prepare you fully for a funding meeting. Furthermore, their abilities to organise your expenses can magically create ways for your business to save, seemingly producing extra money out of thin air.


Essentially, accountants have the power to help your business in a variety of ways. They help your firm be fully prepared and make sure you’re doing all you can to generate the most profit possible.

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