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LSBF Alumni Interview: Emile Albert Lloyds

LSBF Alumni Interview: Emile Albert Lloyds

LSBF MBA graduate Emile Albert Lloyds has a high-flying career in the financial markets. After finishing his MBA at LSBF in 2010, he secured a job as an Investment Operations and Income Consultant a JP Morgan, one of the world’s largest financial companies.

How was Emile’s path to success paved at LSBF?

Here are some excerpts from our chat with Emile…

LSBF Team: How has the LSBF MBA helped your career progression?

Emile Albert Lloyds: What makes LSBF a unique business institution are the lecturers and tutors who are equipped to provide theoretical and practical experience that is easy to apply in the real world. Working in a company requires stress management skills as well as preparation to adapt to a rapidly changing environment.


LSBF: What was the biggest benefit you gained from your time at LSBF?

Emile: I chose to study my MBA at LSBF due to their attractive package of core modules. The experience offered by the lecturers has been extremely useful and has helped me a lot in my everyday working duties, such as management and detection of violation of investment rules, management of fund accounting and investments for clients’ portfolios.


LSBF: What’s your advice for new students?

Emile: Always be prepared. Upon graduation, each time you step in the office, be ready for challenges and problems that you might have to deal with.


According to Emile, skills such as the ability to detect trends in the world business market are crucial in his career. His time at LSBF helped him acquire these skills and apply them successfully in his professional life.


Emile’s MBA launched his high-flying career.  To start your own journey, apply now: /programmes/postgraduate/mba-and-management/global-mba

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