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Uplifting stories from around the globe

Uplifting stories from around the globe


During difficult times we can almost always see acts of kindness, whether small or large. Looking out for each other and staying connected during a crisis is a good example of how humanity always triumphs. Here are some inspiring true stories that will fill you with hope and encourage you to help your community. 

A neighbourly gesture

Daniel Goldberg, a young teen living in California, wanted to help his elderly neighbours during COVID-19. Knowing that senior citizens are extremely vulnerable to the virus and needed to stay in quarantine, he and his friends decided to assist them by doing their grocery shopping. 

They set up a website called Zoomers to Boomers where Santa Barbara seniors can sign up and get their groceries home delivered. Many other high school students signed up to pitch in, and this initiative inspired similar actions across the country. 

Food for the soul

Award-winning Indian chef Narayanan Krishnan was working in a 5-star hotel when he decided to switch gears and instead serve the less fortunate. He was inspired to change his focus after seeing a hungry homeless man who had nothing to eat. Krishnan now runs an NGO which provides 1.2 million hot meals to those in need. This selfless mission earned him a place on the “CNN heroes 2010” list.

Celebrating medical heroes

In these difficult times people still show their appreciation for medical professionals who keep us healthy. In New York, citizens came together to celebrate their health heroes. Residents clapped, cheered, and even banged utensils to express their gratitude, all while following social distancing measures. This wave of showing appreciation started in Italy, and has spread across the globe.

Home cooked meals

An anonymous woman in Maryland has made it her mission to feed people who can’t afford meals. She leaves bagged lunches on a table at a busy roundabout every day in the early afternoon. Along with the food, she leaves a message saying that the lunch was made with love by a neighbourhood mom in a sanitised kitchen. 

Home away from home

Medical staff are working long, stressful hours in the fight against COVID-19. The Four Star Hotel in Manhattan is providing medics with a comfortable place to sleep after working their 18-hour long shifts. Medical staff can save time and energy by sleeping at the hotel, rather than making long commutes home after a stressful shift. 

A lifetime of altruism

Marine Corps Veteran Johnny Jennings always had a passion for helping children. At 18, he began raising money for children by collecting scrap paper and aluminium. Johnny continued recycling goods, even travelling to collect scrap material. Now at 86 years old, Jennings has donated almost $400,000 for child welfare. 

Spreading happiness from a young age

It’s always heart-warming to see children stepping up to help others. One such story of two Singaporean girls who convinced their father to be extra generous during the pandemic has already gone viral. The two girls, ages 10 and 6, sent food boxes with encouraging messages to medical staff after seeing how much they sacrificed.

These stories prove that the world is filled with givers who spread positivity through their actions. To ensure that the educational needs of students are not neglected due to any reason, London School of Business and Finance University offers online courses that relate to major career fields. Click on the link to explore the courses. 

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