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Top 10 Benefits of Taking Winter School Courses

Top 10 Benefits of Taking Winter School Courses

Have you ever wanted to try out a Gucci bag for a week before purchasing it? Or perhaps you’d like to try a Tesla for a few weeks before buying it?

It makes sense that we want to be sure of what we’re investing our time and money in. Winter abroad programmes like Winter Business School at The London School of Business and Finance UK (LSBF) offer you the perfect opportunity to do so.

If you are looking to study abroad full-time but are holding back due to doubts, a winter break programme could be your ticket to clarity.

Now you can travel abroad and study at a low cost while you become business-ready during vacation time.

A winter school programme at LSBF will provide you with exceptional teaching and training equivalent to what you would gain in a full semester. You can now get the full semester experience of studying at your dream university in the UK in a matter of 20-21 days.

And best of all, it is going to cost you much less than full-semester degrees.  

This article aims to help you understand the advantages of attending a Winter Business School this year. You will also learn about what a winter school programme is, why it is beneficial to study abroad in Winter and how you can use this opportunity to propel yourself ahead of the competition.


Top 10 Benefits of a Winter School Programme


  1. Get career ready:

Winter school programmes are held during national vacation time. To make the most of this period, you can enrol yourself in a winter business school that can help you get career-ready.

  1. Ease your workload:

If you are a full-time student, the Winter Business School is a golden opportunity to ease your workload in the coming year by helping you earn those extra credits.

  1. Add to your CPD requirements in the UK:

If you are a working professional in the UK, CPD will not be a new term. Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is highly regarded by the UK government and other European countries. Listing a CPD-certified course on your resume shows job providers that you are a tenacious professional, and it may even strengthen your chances of bagging your dream job.

  1. Get educated at reduced costs:

While education at a foreign business school can prove costly if you enrol for the full term, a winter school programme can be cost-effective. At LSBF, Winter Business School admission will cost you 1950 GBP for distance learning or online classes, and 2150 GBP for physical classes on campus.

  1. Learn a new skill and boost your resume:

Want to make the most of your Winter break? Why not invest in building your resume for the next year? You can add credibility and boost your resume with training from a reputed winter business school.

  1. Gain insider insights into market trends:

The faculty at LSBF Winter Business School are distinguished professionals with proven knowledge of the industry. When you enrol on the winter school programme, you also get access to insider info on career graphs, trends, industry projections and much more.

  1. Network with individuals from across the globe:

LSBF is known for its high standard of education and is a certified CPD Provider. Students from over 150 countries flock to the school for business education and finance programmes. This can be the best place to find those like-minded connections you are looking for in the industry.

  1. Get trained in industry-relevant subjects before hiring begins:

Winter business school at LSBF is hard-wired to help you launch into your business aspirations. It can provide you with a solid framework which you can apply to your dreams and goals.

  1. Industrial visits and fieldwork:

LSBF offers its Winter Business School students a unique advantage through industry visits to London-based companies. This can be one of the best experiences for you as a professional. You can see how things work from first-hand experience. 

  1. Finally, enjoy your stay!

Enjoy your stay in London during the festive season. Christmas and New Years in London is something you do not want to miss. With the grand London Lights tours, River Thames Dinner Cruise, luxurious Christmas decorations, town parties, gatherings, and the overall cheer, Christmas is worth spending in this bustling capital city. You can make some beautiful memories while studying.


What is Winter School?

Winter school programmes are concise and intensive short-term courses for graduates and undergraduates. These programmes typically take place during the winter months, which are global vacation periods.

Due to Christmas and New Year, the festive season witnesses relatively low airline traffic and reduced admission and accommodation costs.

There will also be fewer people using public facilities too, making them more accessible, be it public transport or governmental offices.

LSBF offers intensive winter business courses for a period of 3-weeks. This programme consists of three courses, each lasting 1 week. At LSBF you have the option to attend the winter school online or on campus. The decision is entirely yours.

You can also attend just one or two courses out of the three if you are short on time and cannot be present for the full three weeks of the winter school programme.


Here is the list of winter business courses LSBF offers:


What you will learn:

  • How to implement successful strategies through management and leadership.
  • Methods used in developing leaders.
  • Navigating culture in management development.


What you will learn:

  • How to target markets or segments.
  • How to work with a brand and product.
  • About global pricing and current distribution policies.
  • How to use global communications.


What you will learn:

  • The accounting equation and balance sheet.
  • How to manage working capital.
  • Budgeting basics and practices.
  • Effective risk management.
  • Strategic business development


Why Study Winter Business School with LSBF?


Whether you are a student or a working professional, LSBF Winter Business School has unique advantages for you. Here are a few reasons why LSBF could be your best pick for a winter study abroad programme this year.

  • Award-winning and internationally recognised: LSBF’s Winter Business School is one of the top winter schools in the UK and among the top international winter programmes. The school is a certified CPD Provider and is also an active member of reputed bodies such as the AACSB, the CMI and BAC. (Source: Awards)
  • Students' popular choice: Students from over 150 countries trust LSBF with their professional education. (Source: CPD)
  • Student-friendly faculty with real-time experience in the industry.
  • Situated in the heart of London, it is a hub for business meets and events.
  • Economic and affordable courses are offered both online and in person.


LSBF’s Winter Business School is an intensive study programme. This short-term winter school can help you become business-ready in just 3 weeks.

International winter programmes help you adjust to the coming opportunities in the next year. This can be a great advantage in the competitive market today. If you are looking for an effective and reputed winter course, look no further than LSBF. The school offers you one of the best winter courses for international students.

Make the most of your winter break and get ahead in the game by equipping yourself with skills and industry knowledge from experts.


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