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Directing Your Future: Exploring Diverse Career Paths for Master of Public Health Graduates

Date: 18 June at 1 pm (BST)

Speaker: Elizabeth Clarey, MPH Programme Leader


Master your Easter

Master your Easter

Around this time each year, the festivals of Easter, Pascha, Passover, and others represent a Spring-themed opportunity for new beginnings.

As people around the world welcome fresh opportunities (and chocolate eggs), the month of April is an ideal time to give your career a new lease of life.

Put a spring in your step

Nothing spells rejuvenation like a step up the career ladder. Whether you’re in search of a career boost or a career overhaul, a great way to achieve this is through online learning. There is a great deal of evidence to demonstrate how continued study has enormous benefits, whatever your age, or career stage.

Whether you decide to study simply for personal pleasure, or for eventual career advancement, learning something new has the direct benefits of keeping your mind fit and healthy and helps to extend your personal boundaries. When you enrol on a programme in which you hold a genuine interest, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with like-minded people who share your passion and enthusiasm for the subject. You’ll develop connections and professional contacts, regardless of where or how you study.

In with the new

There are many reasons people avoid classrooms or campus seminars. These include demanding work schedules, home or family commitments, daily commuting hassle, or the added financial burden of relocating to a new area.

Learning via a digital platform such as ours gives you the freedom to study in a way that works around your life balance. Our first-class experience of the international marketplace allows us to deliver innovative and contemporary programmes, designed to transform your workplace understanding and breathe new life into your career.

Hatching a study plan

All of our programmes are designed to elevate your managerial expertise in the areas you wish to target. In particular, our Global MBA offers sixteen distinct specialisations – each with an intense, challenging syllabus, helping you get to grips with the fundamentals of finance, strategic marketing, human resources, and operations management, alongside modules focussed on your area of specialisation. These tailored modules allow you to give specific focus to the areas of study relevant to your chosen career path, ensuring you don’t waste time on topics with no bearing on your specialist field.

In addition to our Global MBA, you also have the opportunity to breathe new life into your careers with our MA Finance and Investment, or Dual MA and MSc Finance and Investment programmes, and our Dual MA and MSc Strategic Marketing programme, all delivered entirely online.

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