Marketing Practices that have Become Essential for Every Business

Marketing Practices that have Become Essential for Every Business

In spite of the FMCG sector being inundated with aerated drinks, the red and white logo of Coca-Cola still manages to strike a strong connect with consumers. In the backdrop of tough competition and an overflow of innovative beverages in the market, this popular drink has firmly established its place. The brand has enjoyed sustainability and a strong position in the market for a long time, mostly due to an effective marketing strategy. 

The truth is that a business can only derive profits if it becomes a recognisable brand. Reaching out to the masses and building a connect with them is imperative for a brand’s success. After all, it is the customers that drive profitability to the business. Hence, marketing is the link that helps to establish a brand, and subsequently drives engagement.  

This has led to organisations adapting various marketing trends that are innovative and highly influential. This blog puts the spotlight on the best marketing strategies and explores the various nuances involved.

The importance of marketing

You can create a fabulous product, but if the customer is not aware of its existence, then you certainly can’t make it a success. Educating a customer about your business is essential, and this communication happens in the form of marketing. Moreover, in the era of social media, customer engagement is also just as essential.

People are no longer interested in walking into a store and getting information related to a product. Rather, they want to be engaged on online platforms that they use daily. This makes it the responsibility of the business to furnish suitable content to their audience through various social media platforms.

The essentials of marketing lie in building a strong connect with the audience. Take ‘whole foods’, for example, who rose to popularity by making people aware of healthy eating. Then there is Colgate, a brand that has become synonymous with quality dental care.  

At the very core of it, creating a brilliant product is integral, which is later marketed strategically. As the popularity of the brand grows, the audience turns into a faithful and ever-supportive tribe.  

Apple, who always kept the focus on their UVP (unique value proposition), is a good example of this. Their marketing practice that focused on product placement and generating positive buzz, took them to dizzying heights. Now, while Samsung and Microsoft use the same technology, it’s only Apple that has folks lining up at their flagship stores to buy their products. 

Best marketing practices to follow

Currently, the upsurge of platforms used to reach out to the audience has created a dilemma for many business owners. While marketing practices are many and varied, one has to tactfully adopt those that align with goals and objectives. 

Some essential and highly relevant marketing strategies currently in use are: 

Making use of search engine optimisation 

SEO is a powerful tool that can draw necessary leads to a business, but only if it is used wisely. The thing with SEO is that there are no shortcuts and ways to trick Google. If your business appears high up in Google rankings, then it will automatically receive exposure and a steady flow of customers. 

Social media marketing

While social media is counted among the many common marketing practices, its use is versatile and impactful. In recent years, we have seen how brands like Nike and Lego revolutionised themselves using social media. The former live-streamed a marathon run just to demonstrate how the brand has always been about pushing the body to its limit. This in turn further strengthened Nike’s connect with sports athletes. 

Strong content 

The phrase ‘Content is king’ is famous in the marketing circle. It rings true as well, since a business that puts out quality blog posts tends to enjoy higher customer engagement. Content is among the best marketing strategies to create brand awareness. Educating audiences can also be done through this, and it is also very cost-effective. 

Email marketing 

Email marketing delivers customised messages to the consumer. Automated emails help keep the customer engaged with your business, but the messaging has to be precise, informative, and engaging.

Focused webinars

Webinars have become big in the last few years, and have been impressive in increasing customer retention. These presentations are topic oriented, highly focused, and provide customers with relevant information. This awareness-building exercise can help a brand to showcase and reach out to a wider audience. 

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