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How To Study ACCA While Working

Today, the biggest challenge faced by students is how to manage their study time while working.

It is common for professional candidates worldwide to find their time being very tight, especially when juggling commitments related to work and studying at the same time.

So, how do you manage a heavy workload as well as upgrade your academic career?

Opting for an ACCA professional level online course can help you stick to a routine and find plenty of available time to study, by removing the daily commute.

This article focuses on the factors that make preparatory ACCA qualifications offered in London, a good option for students who are seeking an interactive study plan that balances the daily work pressure.


What Challenges Do Students Face When Studying ACCA While Working?

Professional candidates who are seeking to earn the ACCA qualification are often required to manage a very intense workload that leaves little to no time for their personal growth.

ACCA online courses offered in London are well-curated to offer students a flexible schedule that they can indulge in, even with their irregular work schedule and personal responsibilities.

Balancing work and study pressure will no longer be a challenge because of the mental strength that you will develop during the ACCA course curriculum, gaining the ability to handle the pressure of meeting deadlines while being employed.


Is Studying ACCA While Working A Good Idea?

The outcome of studying ACCA when working can vary from one candidate to another based on the diversity of personality, background and personal preferences.

Students who are confident about their time management skills may find studying ACCA while working not as hard because of the utilisation of study materials provided.

One of the best advantages of undergoing ACCA online courses is the relevant work experience that you will gain via the practical teaching structure of the ACCA preparatory programme.

Moreover, with the constant expansion of your accountancy knowledge, you’ll be able to demonstrate to potential employers that you can manage your time well while showing commitment.


How Can I Manage My Time More Effectively While Working And Studying ACCA?

Studying the ACCA professional level programme can help you get a deeper understanding of the course material, therefore broadening your career prospects as well.

Studying for ACCA is considered advantageous when it comes to understanding your job responsibilities.

You must focus on taking the exams at a time of the year which gives you enough learning hours to get an in-depth understanding of the different core accountancy topics.

Creating an ACCA exam timetable can come in handy as your exams get closer, ensuring that you still have a reasonable amount of free time to prepare effectively.


Can I Pass ACCA Without Any Professional Experience?

Although the ACCA examination consists of papers that are mostly theoretically based and doesn't require students who have professional experience, a good percentage of the subjects are related to the real-world exposure you have acquired.

Online ACCA courses offer students an adequate amount of industry experience that is required to become an ACCA member or a qualified accountant.


Tips For Success In The ACCA Exam

Although motivation alone can help you succeed in ACCA, having a job on the side can make it a bit tougher than usual.

Let’s take a look at some common tips that you can implement to obtain a good grade on your ACCA exams:

  • Make a strategic plan to enable you to stick to the learning schedule, as well as go through the ACCA past papers to understand the exam pattern.
  • Keep the ACCA exam dates in mind to allow yourself enough time for revising the course modules.
  • Find a space within your home where you can concentrate on your studies without getting distracted about work.
  • Relax by listening to some inspirational podcasts or music of your choice to remain calm, especially when the examination dates are approaching.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I complete my ACCA exams in two years?

Completing an ACCA professional course from London and studying recognised ACCA books can give you the perfect opportunity to crack the ACCA examination within a short period.

Is an online ACCA course expensive?

ACCA preparatory courses are quite budget-friendly, especially those that are offered online that can help you obtain an ACCA membership with the relevant practical experience required.

What jobs are available to me with an ACCA qualification?

Acquiring substantial academic experience from a professional level ACCA course and backing it up with a few years of practical work experience can help you work as a trainee accountant in almost any industry of your choice.

Get a clear idea of the practical and theoretical aspects of the ACCA examination by applying for ACCA online courses taught at the London School of Business and Finance (LSBF).

For more information about online study packages and offers, click here.


This article was written by Deblina Dam. Edited by Olly Cox.

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