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How online education is helping students keep their career prospects on track

How online education is helping students keep their career prospects on track

Universities, colleges and business schools suddenly shutting down to limit the spread of Covid-19 pandemic was a necessary measure. However, this unprecedented move left education institutions with the problem of ensuring that students still have access to their courses during a period of social distancing. 

Online education, which has grown in popularity over the past decade, is now a regular feature of most campus-based courses, and many students across the globe are benefiting from the added flexibility it offers. Currently, online learning is playing a major role in tackling potential student career roadblocks that the lockdown might have otherwise created.  

Adopting online learning

As a result of the enforced lockdown, over 1.2 billion students worldwide could no longer continue learning through traditional means. In this scenario, the only option was to switch to another mode, or risk disrupting the academic calendar. While traditional education has largely been the norm, it is currently being replaced by online study. 

The delivery of lessons through this effective, affordable and accessible route is dramatically changing our perspective towards education mediums. Many education professionals are now gravitating towards this online study moded, and are strongly emphasising the role that online education will play in the post-pandemic world. 

Universities that had already adopted this learning technology are facing fewer problems during this crisis. And, students taking online courses do not have to break their natural learning rhythm. 

The response of education institutions

Before COVID-19, the online education sector was making great advancements, but present circumstances have propelled it even further ahead. Suddenly, we realised that traditional means of learning may not hold relevance in an age when so much of our life now plays out online. Prior to the coronavirus pandemic, institutes globally were already making use of digital resources such as electronic grade books and whiteboard. Plus, students knew how to access and navigate these tools. This familiarity facilitated the shift to online learning for students and teachers alike.  

Therefore, universities and colleges are now encouraging students to continue their classes through digital means. Teachers and tutors are also becoming more and more comfortable with holding online interactive sessions that bridge the physical gap through personal engagement online. 

Potential of digital

Educational institutes are an important foundation of society and need to keep up with new online technologies. In the digital era, this sector needs to go through an immense transformation. Online study needs further advancements and has to be adopted by institutions worldwide to meet the academic needs of remote students. 

Corporations can play an important role here, by developing tools and technology that can be beneficial for the future of online education. Some examples of these are:

  • Panorama Education: this data analytics company creates surveys that measure variables in online education, such as teacher engagement and student satisfaction. 
  • Newsela: this digital library provides study materials that are beneficial to students and which can be used when writing assignments and essays. 

Skill up 

Among the important benefits of online learning is the direct impact it has on academic performance. There are almost unlimited courses to opt for that help aid career progression and prepare students for future careers. Importantly, students no longer have to fear missing out on classes in the face of any crisis or unforeseen circumstances.  

Currently, online learning courses are preparing the professionals of tomorrow and ensuring that there are no hurdles in their path to success. Digital skills are vital to anyone’s career progression nowadays, and these can be easily picked up through online learning as well. 

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