How Long Does It Take To Complete ACCA?

How Long Does It Take To Complete ACCA?

If you are keen on starting an accounting career, you must have already heard of the finest route to reaching your professional goals and that is ACCA.

On average, it can take you two to three years to complete studying for all the 13 papers of the exam, but you could complete the qualification in 18 months if you focus on the major eight papers.

In this article we have covered the most pressing questions regarding the ACCA qualification, providing you with all you need to know before choosing to study the qualification.


Why Choose ACCA?

Accountancy is an integral part of every business. Without accountancy, financial departments of all companies would stop functioning.

The globally recognised accountancy body: the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) can lay the platform for an interesting career in one of the most valuable business platforms.

With an ACCA qualification, you can make a career anywhere in the world and incorporate the skills and values gained from our preparatory course to acquire senior management positions.


What is the ACCA Course Structure?

To qualify for ACCA you are required to pass your examination in three levels and completing all of the mentioned papers below:

Fundamental level:

Knowledge modules

  •       Accountant in business
  •       Management accounting
  •       Financial accounting

Skills modules

  •       Corporate and business law
  •       Performance management
  •       Taxation
  •       Financial reporting
  •       Ordered and assurance financial management


Professional level:


  •       Strategy business leader
  •       Strategic business reporting

Optional [any 2]

  •       Advanced financial management
  •       Advanced performance management
  •       Advanced taxation
  •       Advanced audit and assurance


What is the Duration of An ACCA course?

ACCA online courses offered in the UK typically require you to dedicate two months to learn each subject.

This allows you to prepare thoroughly for the yearly ACCA examinations conducted in March, June, September and December.


What is the ACCA Exam Structure?

ACCA exams are computer-based objective tests in which you are expected to complete the first four papers AB, MA, FA and LW at any point of time within a specific year.

To qualify for the fifth paper you will have to pass an examination which is a blend of multiple choice, subjective and objective questions and complete them within the examination windows available during a year.

Additionally, you are required to pass four papers from within the professional level of ACCA exams structure and complete them within the first six to nine months of completing the fundamental level examinations.


What Makes ACCA So Popular?

ACCA helps students significantly gain industry-specific knowledge related to finance and accounting disciplines, which makes it one of the most sought after qualifications among business professionals.

Choosing to study ACCA online before taking the examination can help you get practical training to make your profile look more appealing to potential employers.


Can I Study For ACCA After 12 Standards?

If you are considering an ACCA qualification, then preparing soon after graduating from high school is one of the best ways to acquire the practical experience required for performing efficiently as an ACCA professional.

This is considered a good strategy to help you get registered with international accountancy bodies, which can ultimately boost your career prospects by exposing you to professional placements and potentially acquiring internship positions within the corporate world.


Can I Study for ACCA After Graduation?

Students who are willing to join ACCA courses after graduating with relevant subjects, such as B. Com. can be accepted onto the course through certain exemptions depending on the type of academic and professional experience previously gained.

Being exempted from at least four papers from the mandatory section will allow you to qualify for ACCA within a short period as well as land a professional position much faster depending on the type of experience level previously gained.


Strategic Professional Level

Passing the strategic ACCA professional level requires a little more time than the usual preparation required to pass the fundamental level papers.

ACCA preparatory courses in the UK allow you to stay up to date with the latest skills and techniques required to become an accountant by giving you the opportunity to gain the finest marks on the strategic professional examinations.


Frequently Asked How Many Questions

Is the ACCA exam right for me?

If you aspire to become a fully qualified accountancy professional, then getting high scores on ACCA exams might be the right decision to achieve your goals.


How difficult is an ACCA exam?

The difficulty level of your upcoming ACCA exams depends on the path you decide to take. Opting for an online ACCA preparatory course can help you acquire all qualifications quickly and cost-effectively.


How much time does an average student take to complete ACCA?

The ACCA Course duration ranges from one year to five years, based on the time you invest each day towards the qualification.


To make a stable career for yourself, you must constantly incorporate recent trends in the field of accountancy within your learning process.

Check out the diverse ACCA online courses provided by the London School of Business and Finance (LSBF) and select your preferred online study packages and offers on tuition fees to enjoy the best learning experience with complete flexibility.


This article was written by Deblina Dam.

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