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Best podcasts to listen to during self-isolation

Best podcasts to listen to during self-isolation


While we can’t end social distancing measures just yet, there are many things you can do to refresh yourself mentally and emotionally while you’re indoors. Podcasts can be uplifting and keep you company while you practice social distancing. We’ve organised some of the best podcasts for you, based on your mood or interest. 


Working on personal development during quarantine can help combat feelings of frustration you may be experiencing. Podcasts that encourage self-improvement  can provide insight and help make positive changes in your life that last even after quarantine. 

Mind Body Musings could be the self-improvement podcast for you if you want to turn your passion in art or literature into a career. The host Maddy Moon provides useful tips on risk taking, self-love, and empowerment that can help quiet your inner critic and allow you to pursue your dream. Even if you aren’t working on a project, this podcast offers positive lessons you can apply to your life.

Anxiety relief and mood boosting

Isolation can cause many to experience negative feelings like loneliness and hopelessness. While it can be difficult to dispel the gloom under the current circumstances, listening to podcasts which address anxiety can diminish the negativity and improve your mood.

Anxiety Slayer, available on iTunes and Podbean, is a weekly podcast that helps people battle stress, anxiety, panic attacks, and even PTSD. The hosts have conversations with leading counsellors and psychiatrists who offer useful tips for  those grappling with anxiety. They even provide guided meditation sessions for a more hands-on approach to facing anxiety management.


One of the best ways to beat the blues is to have a good, long laugh. Comedy is a popular genre in the podcast world, and there are countless hilarious shows that you can listen to while you work or rest. 

One of our favourite funny podcasts is Factually! with Adam Conover. It provides the most thought-provoking perspectives on the world around you with an amazing sense of humour. During the show comedian Adam Conover talks with various industry experts to reveal shocking truths -- with a comedic twist.


If you are a book lover, quarantine can be an ideal time to curl up on the couch with your favourite read. As a bibliophile you will probably enjoy listening to podcasts that center around books. Whether it is an interview with your favourite author or a discussion on the finer details of a book you’ve just finished, podcasts can help you more deeply explore your love for printed pages!

If you’re having a hard time choosing the best book-focused podcast, we suggest you listen to  Books and Beyond with Bound. The hosts discuss the latest bestsellers in every genre and even interview some of the famous authors on their writing styles and processes.

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