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Tesco Bank incorporates Face ID into its mobile banking app

Tesco Bank has incorporated facial recognition technology into its mobile banking app, enabling customers to quickly access the app and authenticate payments.

The changes are available to iPhone X customers, who can access the Face ID feature by enabling it on their device. The new Face ID technology will be optional to users


Tesco Bank’s mobile app offers a wide range of features to provide customers flexible and convenient ways of managing their finances.

Users can have quick and secure access to Tesco Bank’s mobile app using technology such as Touch ID and Face ID. Traditional methods such as passcodes and online banking login information are also available.

The app also enables users to check their bank balance, and provides an unauthorised overdraft alert to enable current account holders to avoid paying fees.

Customers can also manage their credit card repayments and have access to a card scanning feature to add new card details with a photograph.


Commenting on the changes, Tesco Bank Digital and Customer 2020 Director Grant Bourbousson said: “We know customers love using our mobile banking app to easily manage their money. This addition illustrates our continued commitment to developing digital services that utilise the latest technologies available, and which meet our customers’ needs. This is a simple, convenient and helpful development for Tesco Bank customers.”

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