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Survey reveals communication preferences of UK banking customers

A survey from technology company Avaya has revealed how banking customers in the UK prefer to be contacted by their bank.

The research, which surveyed 2,345 banking customers and was carried out by YouGov, found that 60 per cent of Brits prefer to go directly to their bank’s website or use automated services instead of speaking to their bank directly.


The survey also revealed the preferred methods of carrying out banking activities, with online banking being found to be the most popular choice among Brits, cited by 33 per cent of respondents.

Brits were found to prefer to avoid having contact with their bank even for issues such as overdrawn accounts, expired credit cards or fraud, with 28 per cent saying that they wanted no contact at all.

However, banking customers still prefer to have some contact directly with their bank, with 36 per cent of respondents saying that they often pay a visit to their local branch and 65 per cent saying that they wanted the first point of contact at a bank when it comes to having their banking problems sorted.

Customer satisfaction was found to be high among UK banking customers. Over 60 per cent said that they had not experienced any problems when communicating with a call centre.


Avaya Customer Experience Solutions Marketing Lead Natalie Keightley commented: “Given the extensive investment UK banks have made in building omni-channel services for their customers, it’s no surprise that online and mobile have become widely preferred channels.”

She added that contact centres have a vital role when online customers have questions that they are unable to resolve, which is why shy Brits deserve contact centre handlers that have the information and technology to respond in a quick and effective way.

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