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Wednesday 29th May 2024, 2:00 PM (BST)

More small businesses using Instagram to promote services

Over 500,000 companies are now advertising on Instagram, according to the social networking website.

Instagram announced that the number of businesses actively using the website has more than doubled since six months ago.


Instagram has increased its advertising from eight countries to 200, with the UK being revealed to be one of the social networking website’s top five markets for advertising.

Earlier this year, the website launched a series of tools for businesses, and has since seen 1.5 million businesses use the service to set up a business profile.

Half a billion people are now using Instagram, 80 per cent of which are based outside the UK. 50 per cent of Instagram users follow a business, whilst 60 per cent have learnt about a new product or service via the platform.


Instagram said: “Using Instagram, a big company and a small company have the same tools – it gives them a level playing field.

“Small businesses always have to promote who they are and every single bit of their marketing budget has to count for something. Instagram ads allow them to tell their story.”



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