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Wednesday 29th May 2024, 2:00 PM (BST)

Fintech start-up Curve launches in UK

Financial technology start-up Curve is to disrupt the conventional banking system with the launch of its payment-switching card.

The service, which was previously a beta version that was only available to the start-up’s business users, has now been launched to 50,000 members across the UK.


Using the new service, customers can connect all of their cards, accounts and services on the Curve app to one card to enable them to easily manage their money. The card provides users with instant spend notifications and offers a card locking feature to reduce the risk of problems such as fraud or misuse of cards.

Curve, which has investors such as Lloyds and Credit Suisse, is also including its “Go Back in Time” feature in the new service, which will enable users to switch payments between their cards up to two weeks after the payment has been made.

Like other cards, the Curve card can be used at ATMs and is also compatible with Chip & PIN and contactless technology.


Commenting on the Curve app, Curve CEO and Founder Shachar Bialick said: “Most consumers want the benefits of using multiple banks, cards and services, so they can make the most of their money.”

He added: “But managing it all and keeping on top of your spend isn’t easy. Now, it’s as simple as downloading the Curve app and getting started – with one card for all your spending, and one app to help you stay on track. It’s like having a ‘mission control for money’, in your pocket.” 

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