Apple unveils range of smartwatches

Apple unveils range of smartwatches

Tech giant Apple has revealed its latest range of products - the smartwatch.

Apple’s new collection of smartwatches was brought to the public at a press event in San Francisco and immediately the internet burst into a flurry of mixed reactions.

The wearable tech of a smartwatch is not revolutionary, there are already a number of models out there that work with Android smartphones, however, this will be the first that is exclusively for Apple users.


The devices are due to go on sale in late April (24th) and will range in price from around $349 to $17,000, depending on the materials they are made of and the straps you choose to go with it.

"Apple's pricing demonstrates the confidence it has in the new Apple Watch's functionality, design and consumer appeal," said Ian Fogg from consultants IHS.

Apple’s Watch has already come under fire from a number of sources, citing poor battery life and low performance for the price tag. However, it’s not the first time that critics have forecast little success when Apple has entered a totally new product category.


When the first iPad hit the market back in April of 2010 estimates of sales were low, surprisingly low considering the roaring success of the iPad and tablets in general. In fact sales of the iPad were more than double than the most optimistic of Wall Street’s predictions, according to an article in TIME magazine.

Looking at current expectations for sales of Apple Watch, we can see analysts are thinking the product will sell maybe as little as eight million units in 2015, or perhaps as much as 60 million - therefore it seems safe to say that nobody really knows.

The appeal of Apple’s products has never been in question and this time round there’s unlikely to be much change. It seems that the company’s loyal fan base, sleek and attractive tech, and friendly interface will surely drive sales and perhaps turn it into the new number one item to have.


Image credit: Apple

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