Entrepreneurs turning their hobbies into businesses, shows study

Britons are turning their hobbies into successful businesses, according to a study by Weebly. The company found that over 35 per cent of entrepreneurs have turned a hobby or passion into a successful business.

The study also explored the current thoughts and trends amongst the entrepreneurial community and found that nearly 90 per cent of entrepreneurs believe that Britain is an ideal place to start a business.

Growing interest

Research also showed that there are now more women starting up their own business, with females making up nearly 45 per cent of the UK’s new entrepreneurs.

There is also an increase in the number of older people (19 per cent) choosing to come out of retirement and set up their own business.

The idea of starting up a business is also starting to appeal to younger people, with 11 per cent of 13-to 17-year-olds revealing that they have set up a hobby or business site in the UK.

There has been a growing interest in launching a business throughout the UK, with cities such as Birmingham, Bristol, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds, Liverpool, London and Manchester showing the fastest entrepreneurial growth.


The study showed that digital technology has played a part in helping people to transform their interests into a career, and found that almost 45 per cent of people who have achieved some success with turning a hobby into a start-up business are putting revenues back into their business to help it grow.

Weebly UK Country Manager Dion McKenzie commented on the study, stating that it shows that UK entrepreneurs are taking advantage of the opportunities that are offered by the digital economy to build up their own business.

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