Entrepreneurs to be offered flexible working space in London library

A London-based library has announced plans to provide flexible working space for the city’s entrepreneurs.

The Whitechapel Idea Store, which is located in London’s East End, is aiming to create a workspace where early-stage businesses and entrepreneurs who are looking to set up their own business can network and trade. 


Freelancers and startup companies would be provided with a wide range of facilities, including flexible office space and conferencing facilities. Businesses would also be able to book meeting rooms.

The Idea Store is aiming to create the space to provide entrepreneurs and start-ups with flexible space that is affordable to help them avoid having to pay the high costs required by other workspace providers in the city.

The library will be holding a public consultation on 13 July between 4pm and 8pm to discuss how the project will work, and will be accepting suggestions from visitors.


Discussing the idea, Tower Hamlets Council’s Idea Store Head, Judith St John, stated that there is an increase in popularity in flexible workspaces in the city and that a growing number of freelancers and startup businesses are in need of somewhere to work.

“But sometimes these spaces can be too expensive for those at the early stage of their career or new business,” she said.

The recent Flexible Workspace Review 2016 from Instant showed that demand for flexible workspace has hit a low in London in areas such as the North West, East and West as a result of high workstation rates. 

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