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Emerging Markets


China growth rate beats expectations despite slowdown

China’s economy grew by 7.4 per cent in Q1 compared to the previous year, figures show. Though the country is…

IMF points to Pakistan economy surge

Pakistan’s economy has surged forward in the past few months, according to a recent report from the International Monetary Fund…

Thomson Reuters Explores Business Opportunities in Iran

Thomson Reuters has said it is in talks with the Tehran Stock Exchange about potential opportunities in Iran. Is this…

How Did Nigeria Become Africa’s Biggest Economy?

How did Nigeria nearly double the size of its economy last weekend? Nigeria is often seen as a developing economy…

After Bumpy Start to 2014, World Bank Cuts China Growth Forecast

The World Bank has cut its growth forecast for China, but has its “bumpy start to the year” really made…

Where Now For The Indian Rupee?

India’s currency has seen a rally in recent days, but Barclays is warning traders to beware. Where is the Indian…

Emerging Market Stocks Witness Strong Growth

Stocks in emerging markets such as Russia and Turkey have seen close to four days of consecutive gains. What has…

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