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UK workers retraining to meet technology demands, report shows

UK workers retraining to meet technology demands, report shows

Recruiters have shared their views on skill development and career progression, with employers in some sectors reporting that they have seen an increase in fresh talent as UK workers retrain to meet the demand of changing technology.

This comes as research from professional services and Big Four firm PwC found that UK workers are willing to learn new skills or retrain for a new career.


The report, Workforce of the Future: the competing forces shaping 2030, found that over 60 per cent of workers in the UK are willing to learn new skills or retrain to keep themselves employable.

Respondents also revealed who they think should be responsible when it comes to skill development or retraining, with 56 per cent believing that it is their own responsibility rather than their employer’s.

Workers have expressed their concerns over the future of their career, with one in five believing that technology will hinder their job prospects, and two in five believing that their job will be at risk as a result of automation.


Sharing their views on the report’s findings, it was found that recruiters were divided over whether candidates are showing a willingness to retrain.

Commenting on evidence of skill development in the fintech sector, Greg Ashmore, managing director for Ashmore Stark, said: “Certainly in our industry (financial technology, or fintech) I've seen a real change in direction of the individual's willingness to learn new skills, especially when it comes to technology. Many candidates that I've met have either trained themselves in disciplines such as coding, or have paid privately to achieve these qualifications.”

He added: “Candidates are understanding the demand and desire for technology in the workplace, and realise that to create longevity in their career they need to be open to learning new skills.”



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