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UK employees want to work from home, according to research

UK employees want to work from home, according to research

Research has found that over 80 per cent of workers in the UK would like to work from home, whilst just 36.5 per cent currently do so.

The research marks the start of Work From Home Week, which was launched yesterday and will run until January 22.


The research surveyed 1,000 workers in the UK and found that 90 per cent believe that having access to the right technology would enable them to be able to work from any location away from the office.

The most important factors to employees when it comes to having a job were also revealed, with 85 per cent citing flexibility for work locations and flexible working hours as the most important to them.

Over 80 per cent believe that an office is not needed in order to be productive, and 69 per cent said that they have better access to technology in their home than at work.

The survey also found that younger workers in particular would like to work from home, with 79 per cent of the 500 15 to 18-year-olds surveyed saying that it appeals to them, compared to just 57 per cent who said that they would prefer to work in an office.


Fuze Marketing Director, Tom Pressley, commented: “Working away from a traditional office location is highly appealing to UK employees and as the new App Generation enters the workplace, working from home is going to move from a ‘perk’ to an expectation.”

He added that businesses need to see flexible working practices as a chance to attract talented employees and increase productivity, putting in place technology that would enable workers to connect and collaborate with colleagues and customers from any location.

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