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Survey reveals top bonus-paying jobs of 2016

Survey reveals top bonus-paying jobs of 2016

The Independent has published the latest listing of jobs with bonuses of over £20,000 per year using data collected in an anonymous survey by Glassdoor.

Roles in the finance industry hold several places on the list, including portfolio managers, brokers and traders. Top of the list, however, were global account managers who receive an average annual bonus of £37,000.

Portfolio managers

The biggest bonus in finance goes to portfolio managers, who can expect around £30,000 per year, the same as equity traders.

Those running companies are also on the list. Chief executives come in at £30,450, while chief operating officers bring in around £31,500. However, chief executives are likely earning a better salary than their chief operating officers. Coming in last on the list were account executives – their bonus is around £24,000.


Those working in positions that pay high bonuses are typically expected to work long hours with little time off. Many of the roles are also high pressure, for example, portfolio managers must prove themselves by making money for their clients.

By way of comparison, the Independent gave examples of some popular careers and their bonuses, including bartenders, who make £7,200, and baristas, who make about £2,160 annually. 

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