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Wednesday 29th May 2024, 2:00 PM (BST)

Sadiq Khan to make London the best place to work

Sadiq Khan to make London the best place to work

Sadiq Khan has announced that he aims to make London the best place in the world to work, by tackling inequality and improving workplace conditions.

Khan is encouraging employers to sign up to his Good Work Standard and calling for input that will promote better employment practices.


The Standard will address a number of workplace issues, including low pay and diversity, London Living Wage, and compliance with basic workplace standards.

Employers are asked to provide advice that can be included in the Standard supporting those working in sectors where employment practices are poor.

Other requirements employers will be asked to follow are flexible working, giving employees a voice, and providing opportunities to help workers develop skills.

A number of public events will be held by Khan to raise awareness of poor practices and to identify the best workplace practices.


Commenting on his plans, Khan promised to be the most pro-business Mayor that London has had and firmly believes a strong economy and a fair city should go hand in hand.

He said that London is the best city in the world for business, and he wants it to be the best city in the world for work too.

The mayor added that he often has the privilege of meeting business leaders in all sectors, and he knows many share his employment ambitions.

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