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Research reveals top starting salaries for graduates

Research reveals top starting salaries for graduates

Jobs review website Glassdoor, has revealed the top ten jobs for starting salaries.

The list highlighted the careers offering a starting salary higher than the UK’s national average of £27,600.

Crunching numbers

According to research, graduates who work with numbers have the potential to earn the highest starting salary, with graduate analysts and consultants paid £34,366 and £28,891 respectively.

The tech industry was also found to be one of the best sectors, with new software engineers offered a starting salary of £28,370.

Graduate mechanical engineers came fourth on the list, receiving £26,949 upon starting. This was followed by engineers and software developers, with starting payments of £26,500 and £26,000 respectively.

Civil engineering was found to be the seventh highest-paying role, starting at £25,000, followed by structural engineers at £24,993.


Joining a management trainee programme could be beneficial, with a graduate trainee role offering a starting salary of £20,000.

The recruitment industry was also found to be an ideal job choice. Starting recruitment consultants were revealed to be the tenth highest-paid, offered a salary of £20,000. 



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