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Research reveals top industries for UK professionals in 2018

Research reveals top industries for UK professionals in 2018

Research from CV-Library has revealed the top industries that UK professionals who are looking to start a new career in 2018 should consider, with education and accounting making the list.

The UK job board found 75.7 per cent of UK professionals would change their career if they had the chance, while 39.9 per cent are unhappy in their current job role.


CV-Library explored the opinions of more than 13,000 UK professionals to identify top industries for those considering a career change. They found design is the best industry for those looking for a better work-life balance, with more than 50 per cent of designers having the opportunity to work from home.

Education was revealed to be the best industry for those looking for training opportunities, with 67.3 per cent of employers in the sector investing in regular training and development for employees.

For those wanting a stress-free work environment, accounting is best, while recruitment is the top choice for UK professionals looking for perks.

Hospitality is the top industry for professionals who want a boss they can count on, while IT offers more flexibility and agriculture offers high levels of happiness and satisfaction.

Customer service, catering, and legal also featured on the list, with these sectors offering the smallest gender pay gap, a healthier lifestyle, and a supportive environment respectively.


CV-Library Founder and Managing Director Lee Biggins commented: “Your job is a big part of your life, so it’s important to be passionate about what you do. Despite what many think, it’s never too late to change things, whether that’s looking for a new job or changing careers entirely. And what better time to start than the New Year!”

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