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People in a “career” feel happier, research shows

People in a “career” feel happier, research shows

Research commissioned by GSM London has highlighted the differences in attitudes between UK adults who say that they have a “career” and those who feel that they just have a “job.”

The research surveyed 1,000 adults in full-time and part-time employment and found that those who feel that the work that they do is just a job are unhappy, with 30 per cent of workers with a job being unhappy compared to just 11 per cent of those with a career.


The research found that 72 per cent of employed people believe that their work is just a job, compared to 28 per cent who believe that they have a career.

The reasons as to why people have not made a career change were revealed, with age and a lack of confidence being amongst the main barriers, cited by 41 per cent and 21 per cent respectively. Other barriers include family commitments and pressure of uncertainty, both cited by 22 per cent, whilst 17 per cent said that having a lack of adequate qualifications and being too comfortable in their current job role was preventing them from making a change.

The research also found over 50 per cent of people with just a job feel that it is a means to an end, compared to just 10 per cent of those with a career.


GSM London Careers Adviser Alex Reid commented: “As our research shows, those with fulfilling careers are much happier than those with jobs, so it’s definitely worth people considering all options for change and overcoming assumptions about the things that might stand in their way.”

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