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Over 50s want career development, survey finds

Over 50s want career development, survey finds

Workers of the age of 50 believe that companies are not helping them to put their skills and expertise into practice, according to an Ashridge survey.

The study, titled Don’t Put Baby (Boomers) in the Corner: Realising the Potential of the Over 50s at Work, found that a large number of respondents believe that their company is doing nothing to share skills and experience between different generations.


The report, which surveyed over 2,000 employees over 50, found that over 60 per cent believe that it is “very important” to have mental stimulation and be challenged in the workplace.

Over half of those surveyed said that getting things done and feeling a sense of achievement is “very important”, whilst almost all of the respondents rated it as “important.”

Nearly 50 per cent of respondents said that having a “sense of purpose” is very important, whilst 46 per cent believe that feeling a sense of “pride” is just as important.


The report suggested a number of methods that companies can use to help their older employees thrive in the workplace. These include helping them to learn skills by bringing in coaching and mentoring initiatives, taking a more individual and informal approach to career discussions, and giving them the opportunity to get involved in special projects or advisory roles.

Research Fellow, Carina Paine-Schofield, commented on the study, describing it as a “real wake-up call” for businesses to think about how valued their older employees feel and are portrayed, not just within the workplace but also out of it.

She stated that Baby Boomers are often in senior positions and are role models for other people in the business.

“If they are not stimulated and engaged at work, the knock-on effect on the motivation levels of others could be enormous,” she said. 


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