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Older generation seeking university education, research shows

Older generation seeking university education, research shows

Research from Management Today and Vauxhall Motors has found over 35 per cent of 40-somethings in the UK are seeking university education or looking to obtain a professional qualification in the next two years.

The Changing Lanes report revealed career aspirations and workplace trends of Generation X, with 40-somethings being found to be as ambitious as millennials when it comes to changing careers, launching a business or studying.


The research found that nearly half of the 40-something generation are likely to set up their own business in the next decade, with 70 per cent wanting a “major change”.

Other top motivations include being your own boss (61 per cent), doing interesting work (52 per cent), and being challenged (49 per cent).

Generation X were also found to be looking for a career change, with one in five planning to change their career within a few years and 20 per cent looking to work in a different sector.

Personal development was found to be important to the 40-something generation, with 56 per cent believing that remaining in one job for life stifles development and over 40 per cent wanting the opportunity to learn and grow in their next position.


Vauxhall Motors Director of Communications Denis Chick commented: “As the Insignia Grand Sport sees more business than most cars in the country, we felt together with Management Today, well positioned to take a closer look at the UK’s changing work landscape.

''Aiming to uncover the key trends and opportunities for older professionals, it’s great to see such strong findings that really do prove the world is your oyster, whatever the age.”

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