New generation of employees will boost business growth, research shows

New generation of employees will boost business growth, research shows

The next generation of employees will have a positive impact on businesses, with 64 per cent of CEOs believing that they have the skills needed to boost business growth, according to research from recruitment and training agency Pareto Law.

The study, entitled Digital Learning and Gen Z, looked at how businesses are prepared to make use of the next generation of workers. They found that over 60 per cent of businesses currently employ Generation Z, which are those aged 16 to 21.


The research found that 60 per cent of businesses who have not yet employed any Gen Z workers believe they’d be a positive addition to the company. However, 48 per cent of businesses were found to not be offering any training opportunities for young workers.

The top skills among young workers were identified, with 39 per cent of business owners believing digital and social media knowledge is Gen Z’s most valuable skill, while 32 per cent cited their ability to think creatively.

The survey also explored the views of Gen Z workers and found that their most preferred method of training is a mixture of face-to-face learning and digital learning, cited by over 50 per cent.


Pareto Law CEO and Founder Jonathan Fitchew commented: “With CEOs thinking about the next wave of employees and how they’ll fit into their workforce, we wanted to discover how their expectations and training opportunities match up to those they’d be employing.

“Not only are Gen Z the future of business, they’ll be instrumental in revolutionising the working world as we know it. They’re ambitious, digitally savvy and passionate. Businesses need to be ready for them.”

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