Meaningful work most important to finance professionals, research shows

Meaningful work most important to finance professionals, research shows

Finance workers have cited meaningful work as the top reason for choosing a job in new research from financial recruitment company Core-Asset Consulting.

The study surveyed 194 professionals from Scotland’s financial, accounting and legal sectors. It revealed the top factors taken into account by individuals choosing a job, with 28.31 per cent of respondents ranking meaningful work as the most important.


Respondents were asked to rank the importance of eight different factors for choosing a new job. Pay and benefits was found to be one of the top factors, with 22.54 per cent citing it as the second most important and 20.81 per cent believing that it is the fourth most important.

Career progression also ranked highly in the research, with 24.54 per cent believing that this is the most important factor in choosing a job.

Flexible working was found to be a less popular reason for taking a new job role, with 23.21 per cent of respondents citing it as the least important factor. However, professionals still believe that having a job that provides a good work-life balance is important, with 17.78 per cent and 17.22 per cent citing this as the third and fifth most important factor respectively.


Other factors that were featured in the research included working culture, which was most cited as the fourth most important factor (16.94 per cent), and location/length of commute, which was most commonly voted the fifth, sixth and eighth most important (17.90 per cent, 16.05 and 16.05 per cent respectively).

Company reputation was also among the eight factors included in the research, with 17.68 per cent ranking it as the fifth and sixth most important.




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