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Londoners most keen to impress a new employer, study shows

Londoners most keen to impress a new employer, study shows

New research from CV-Library has found that professionals in London are the most keen to impress a new employer, with over 65 per cent of workers in the city saying that they aspire to impress their boss for as long as they are with the company. 

The research surveyed 1,000 workers in the UK and revealed the steps that Londoners are taking to impress their new employer, with effectively managing their workload being the top approach at 22.4 per cent. 


Other ways in which Londoners are attempting to impress their employer include taking on extra responsibilities outside of their job spec, an approach that is being taken by over 15 per cent of professionals in the city, whilst 13.6 per cent said that they are constantly putting new ideas forward. 

Being punctual and always hitting targets were also revealed as ways in which Londoners are trying to impress their employer, cited by 10.4 and 10.3 per cent of respondents respectively. 

The research also explored the attitudes of the rest of the UK when it comes to pleasing a new employer and found those who are the most likely to want to make a good impression throughout the whole of their career are women (75.5 per cent) and professionals aged between 35 and 44 (75.6 per cent). 


Commenting on the research, CV-Library Founder and Managing Director, Lee Biggins, said: “Our findings suggest that workers in London are keen to impress their new employers, and this is unsurprising. If you want to get ahead in your career, coming across well is a key factor, especially when it comes to your boss.”

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