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London voted best place to be in by international jobseekers

London voted best place to be in by international jobseekers

A new study from BCG has investigated where talent from around the world is seeking work – and London is top of the list.

Talent is becoming increasingly global in the 21st century – and the UK remains one of the most popular places in the world to seek a new career opportunity.


new survey from Boston Consulting Group (BCG) found that nearly two out of three workers surveyed would take a job in another country.

Although that percentage was highest in developing economies, there are a number of developed nations with highly mobile workforces – over three-quarters of Swiss respondents and eight out of ten in Australia also said that they would be willing to move abroad for the right job.

But in Europe, employees in the Netherlands were the most mobile. Over 90 per cent said they would consider moving to another country for a job – more than double the percentage who said the same in Germany or the UK.

The fact that Britain and Germany both have strong and growing economies, where jobs are perhaps seen as being easier to come by, is likely to have impact on the findings. But especially in the UK, it may be that job-hunters are aware they’re already in one of the most desirable nations to live and work in.


Some 37 per cent of respondents worldwide said they would be willing to move to the UK for work – the second most popular option after the US. Canada took third place with 35 per cent, followed by Germany on 33 per cent.

However, job-hunters don’t just think in terms of country. They’re also paying attention to the opportunities they might find in different cities – and London is the number one city in the world on that score.

A total of 16 per cent of the survey said the UK capital was the most appealing work destination for them, followed by New York and Paris on 12.2 and 8.9 per cent respectively. Whereas there were four US cities in the top 30 – although only New York made the top ten – London was the only UK city to make the list, emphasising its status as the real business hub of the UK.

The international ties the UK has developed over the years have contributed to its desirability. The common market has made it popular with European workers, while the long-standing relationships within the Commonwealth mean Britain also attracts talent from nations around the Caribbean in particular.

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