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Information hub launched to provide self-employment skills

Information hub launched to provide self-employment skills

A new information hub has been launched to help executives gain the skills they need to become successful “self-drive workers.”

Launched by Russam GMS Founder Charles Russam, Working Free provides advice and resources for senior-level executives that are looking to become self-employed.


Working Free provides a number of tips to help executives to work independently at a senior level, such as making sure their professional product is viable, identifying and understanding their market, and being prepared to work harder.

Using figures based on data from the Office for National Statistics, Russam suggested that nearly half of the UK’s 32 million workers are likely to become “self-drive workers”.

Lifestyle choices, advances in technology, and seeking alternative sources of income were also revealed as the main drivers for people choosing to work this way.


Commenting on Working Free, Russam said that he launched the information hub because he receives calls every week from people – the majority of whom are in their 50s – who want to strike out alone but do not know how to start and make the change from traditional full-time employment.

He said that he wants people to understand that self-employment is not a consolation prize for not having a “proper job” – it is an exciting but different way of working.

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