Graduate jobs set to increase in 2018, ISE states

Graduate jobs set to increase in 2018, ISE states

A survey from the Institute of Student Employers (ISE) has found that graduate jobs are set to rise across a number of sectors in 2018, with employers expecting to boost their number of graduate job vacancies by 11 per cent.

The annual Student Recruitment Pulse survey asked 103 UK student employers about their hiring intentions for the year ahead and found that the graduate jobs market will be returning to double-digit growth for the first time since 2015.


According to the survey, an additional 1,423 graduate jobs will be offered this year. Last year, there was just a 1 per cent increase in graduate jobs, whilst the number of graduate jobs in 2016 decreased by 8 per cent. In 2015, the number of graduate vacancies increased by 13 per cent.

An additional 1,501 apprenticeships are also expected to be offered this year, up by 32 per cent from 19 per cent in 2017 and 13 per cent in 2016. The gradual increase comes as a result of the introduction of the Apprenticeship Levy.

The study also showed that employers have put more effort into filling graduate vacancies, with just 38 per cent of employers failing to fill vacancies last year, down from 52 per cent in 2016.


Commenting on the survey, ISE Chief Executive Stephen Isherwood said: “Over the last couple of years the recruitment season has been heavily influenced by the Brexit vote and nervousness over the economy, but we’re now seeing a return to normal state of play. There’s a positive mood from employers in this space at the moment and students should feel reassured by this renewed confidence.”

He added: “There are around 20 per cent more vacancies overall this year. If you have the right mix of skills, there are lots of opportunities and students should feel confident to go for it.”

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