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Glassdoor research reveals Britain’s most recommended employers

Glassdoor research reveals Britain’s most recommended employers

Job search engine and review website Glassdoor has revealed the most recommended employers in Britain.

Glassdoor obtained the data by looking at reviews and recommendations of companies from current and former employees that have been posted on the site in the past year.


The figures showed that companies in the technology industry are the most recommended in Britain, with social networking website Facebook topping the list at 90 per cent.

Technology companies Arm and GE both earned second place on the list, with a recommendation rating of 89 per cent. This was followed by Google, which was given a rating of 88 per cent, and travel company Expedia, which was also recommended by 88 per cent of Glassdoor users.

Application software company Salesforce was named the sixth most recommended employer (87 per cent), followed by Microsoft (84 per cent), and networking and communications company Cisco Systems (81 per cent). Cloud computing company Rackspace and IT solutions company Chess ICT both received a recommendation rating of 78 per cent.

Business software and finance firms were also amongst the most recommended employers, with business application software company SAP earning 13th place on the list (75 per cent), and financial services and technology company Bloomberg coming in 19th place (68 per cent).


Commenting on the rankings, Glassdoor UK Country Manager David Whitby said: “The recommend to a friend rating is a bit like a net promoter score, but for employees, so it can make a big difference to recruiting informed candidates. Tech companies are most likely to have that voluntary employee endorsement.”



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