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Finance one of best-paying sectors for contractors, study shows

Finance one of best-paying sectors for contractors, study shows

Emolument.com has revealed the sectors that offer the highest-paid roles for contractors, with several finance jobs making the list.

The salary comparison website analysed compensation data from 3,694 contractors in the UK and found the majority of the best-paying roles are in sectors such as finance.


According to the study, the highest-paying role for a contractor is in the finance sector, with Risk Modelling/Quant jobs offering a daily rate of £760.

Other high-paying finance roles include Model Validation jobs, which came in fourth place on Emolument’s list with a daily rate of £610. Credit Risk Management earned eighth place with a daily rate of £520.

Finance-based jobs in Operational Risk Management & Risk Analytics and Corporate & M&A Strategy also featured on the list, with these roles offering a daily rate of £505 and £495 respectively.

Change Management was also found to be one of the best-paying areas for contractors, with those working in a Finance Change role earning a daily rate of £570.


Commenting on the data, Emolument.com Co-Founder & CMO Alice Leguay said: “More and more, companies require specific skills and competencies at a given point in time which make the contractor model particularly attractive for employers, prepared to pay up for a targeted solution.”

She added that contractors appreciate the variety and freedom afforded by a consulting model, but rates vary considerably.

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