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EY announces career development and performance programme

EY announces career development and performance programme

Professional services and Big Four firm EY has announced a series of global talent programmes to help employees prepare for work.

The company will be running the programmes through management model LEAD and will be introducing a new programme called EY Badges. This will help people develop digital skills for the future.


EY’s new LEAD scheme will be available to the company’s 250,000 employees. It will use technology and innovative digital platforms to help develop careers and prepare employees for the future of work.

The scheme will focus on using real-time feedback to provide insights to employees on their individual careers and their aspirations. EY will review the feedback with counsellors to help create better performance and drive individual development.

LEAD will also benefit employees who are contracted through GigNow, a technology platform run by EY that provides employees with flexible or short-term working opportunities. The scheme will provide the company’s GigNow workers with virtual courses to enable them to develop new skills.


Commenting on EY’s LEAD programme, EY Global Vice Chair – Talent Nancy Altobello said: “At EY, each person's career journey is unique, and we want our people to be able to achieve the career they want, while also having the flexibility to take advantage of new and exciting opportunities along the way.

LEAD will help our people gain the insights and cutting-edge skills, coaching and confidence they need to provide exceptional client service and direct their own careers.”


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