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Cloud hosting company to launch digital workshops

Cloud hosting company to launch digital workshops

UKFast will soon be launching a series of in-house digital workshops to combat the digital skills gap.

The company will use the workshops to help teachers and collaborators to gain industry skills and qualifications that can be passed on to the younger generation.


The company is the only Linux Professional Institute Approved Training Provider in the North of England region and has created an approved course that will last three days. It aims to use the course to inspire teachers and make Linux a core part of the ICT curriculum.

UKFast Director of Training and Education Aaron Saxton said that providing teachers with digital skills such as Linux will help them to teach these skills to their pupils.

He added that they will “deliver innovative curriculum projects focused around the computer science agenda and the modern digital business.”


UKFast CEO Lawrence Jones described the courses as “amazing” for teachers and said that the company has so far received “great feedback.”

He stated that this type of training will help to improve the outlook for the region’s digital industry, adding that the company’s partners will gain a better understanding of the platforms and services that it delivers.

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