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UK named one of the most attractive places for work

UK named one of the most attractive places for work

The UK has been named one of the most attractive places for work in a new study from human resources management software company ADP.

The Workforce View in Europe 2017 report surveyed over 9,900 employees from the UK, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, France, Spain, Poland and Switzerland, exploring their attitudes on the future of work and offering insights into issues such as skills, career development, international talent, wellbeing, workplace technology and employee engagement.


The report found that European workers believe that the UK is the second most attractive place to work, whilst Germany earned the top spot.

A high number of respondents said that they would consider working in the UK, which was named one of the top places for being one of the largest and strongest economies in Europe with high levels of employment.

The report also found that over 80 per cent of European workers have a good work-life balance, with many favouring flexible working.

In terms of career progression, workers from the UK and Switzerland were found to feel the most supported, whilst 81 per cent of employees working in IT and telecoms were found to be the most likely to be supported as a result of these sectors providing opportunities.


Commenting on the UK’s position in the report, ADP stated that it is “likely the Brexit vote [saw the] UK pushed into second place by Germany despite the arguably comparable, if not better, opportunities in the UK, and English being the more widely spoken language compared with German.”

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