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UK named most attractive country to employers and staff

UK named most attractive country to employers and staff

The UK has been named the most attractive country to employers and staff in a report from real estate company Colliers International.

The report rated Britain highly for its talent, quality of life, location and cost, with Colliers International placing the UK amongst the lowest-risk European countries to start and run a business, despite concerns over Brexit.


The report revealed the top 50 European cities for employers and staff, with London being named as the most attractive city for businesses and employees.

Despite Brexit making the UK a risky location for investment and European cities such as Frankfurt, Paris, Amsterdam and Madrid looking to drive banking and finance jobs away from London, the government still believes that the city and the UK will continue to be attractive to investors, even after the country has exited the EU.

In addition to being ranked higher than other European cities, London also scored higher than some of the UK’s key cities, including Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol, Edinburgh and Glasgow, which all featured in the top 20.


Despite political, social and economic uncertainty following the Brexit vote, this research suggests that the UK still remains in a particularly strong and attractive position for businesses and investors.

Commenting on the UK and London’s position in the rankings, Colliers International Director Simon Ford said: “While London may not score as highly as other European cities on some quality of life factors, it is apparent that companies in the capital have started to place more emphasis on creating workplaces that help accelerate their business and attract talent.”

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